Elephant Millennium Foundation

Interact with elephants in a safe and responsible way at the Millennium Foundation

Key informaiton

  • Duration : 2 – 3 hours 
  • Distance from Ambarella Lodge : 59 km / 1.5 hour drive

What you'll experience

The Millennium Elephant Foundation is an organization and charity which rescues and cares for captive Asian elephants in Sri Lanka. The foundation was set up in 1999 and is situated on a 15-acre estate by the name of Samaragiri.

During the foundation’s “Elephant Walk Experience”, you’ll get the opportunity to learn more about Asian elephants and spend time with them up close. The experience starts off with a guided museum tour, followed by the chance to feed your elephant from a fruit basket. You will then set off on a leisurely 30 minutes up close walk with the elephant and its mahout through the small forest within the estate’s grounds. Finally, you’ll get to see the elephant take a bath in the river and have the chance to join in to help with its washing ritual.

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