Muthurajawela Wetlands

Discover the regions incredible biodiversity on this leisurely boat ride through historical wetlands

Key informaiton

  • Duration : 2 hours boat ride
  • Distance from Ambarella Lodge : 37 km / 1 hour drive
  • Best time to visit : Early morning

What you'll experience

Muthurajawela is an expansive 7,580 acres of sprawling marshland shouldering the Negombo lagoon, recognised for its incredible biodiversity. As the largest saline coastal peat bog in Sri Lanka, Muthurajawela is a sanctuary for 192 distinct species of flora and 209 species of fauna, along with an additional 102 species of birds.

Following a short introduction at the Marshland’s museum, embark on a serene 2 hour boat trip navigating the historic Dutch Canal towards the Negombo Lagoon bordered by lush mangroves. Led by an expert local guide, you’ll get the opportunity to admire a plethora of bird species including egrets, purple herons, kingfishers, lesser whistling ducks, as well as water monitor lizards, baby crocodiles and playful groups of toque monkeys.

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